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The Florida Bar is featuring mental health as its initiative this year. The Attorney Wellness Exchange (AWE) supports these efforts.
As listed at The Florida Bar:

All Of Us Are Impacted

Mental health issues touch every facet of our legal community – from sole practitioners and law firm partners all the way down to law school students who feel daily pressure to graduate and become licensed and successful as soon as possible.

In response, the Florida Bar has launched the Mental Health and Wellness Center. (link). Help or just someone to talk to is just a phone call away. Call 1800-282-8991.

On this website, you can also find excellent articles such as:

  • The Lawyer Well-Being Starter Kit: 10 Tools for Legal Employers (link)
  • Florida Lawyers Assistance: Saving Lives and Legal Careers (link)

And additional research and articles.

  • The Florida Bar’s Special Committee on Mental Health and Wellness will work to destigmatize mental illness, recommend best practices for firms and remedies, and help bring more balance into members’ daily professional lives. (link)
  • The Florida Bar Journal’s January 2018 issue contains excellent articles concerning the issues of mental health facing lawyers and law firms today (link)
  • The Florida Bar also holds Mental Health & Wellness Town Hall meetings all over the state. You can find out more here. (link)

AWE is committed to these efforts by the Florida Bar and stands as a partner to “help bring more balance into members’ daily professional lives.”

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